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Courtney + Brandon // Rocky River, OH

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

These two! This wedding was special and magical, and such a great honor to photograph. Courtney shared her story in this way:

"As for my fiance and I.... the simple story is that we met online. But God was working behind the scenes in so many other ways to bring us together. He is from Columbus and I am from Cleveland. It took me a while to message him for that reason, along with a few others... But there was something in the way he wrote about his love for Jesus that kept me going back to his page... I gave it one more chance and that lead to a series of weekly messages. It was different. He was different. Every word he wrote was intentional and thoughtful."

"God has been working in our hearts to prepare us for something bigger than what we planned for ourselves. On June 27, I want to celebrate the story of God bringing me together with my long-haired, Lord of the Rings loving, musician husband."

And what a beautiful day it was. From a stately, beautiful ceremony, to traveling to take photos in upper Cleveland, to a sweet and intimate reception with their friends and family, this day was so special. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Abbott!!!


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